Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

the adventures of a slippery dip

Recently, there was an ad in our local newsletter offering a free slippery dip to anyone who wanted it. It was a Friday. I just happened to have time to get in my boat and go for a little pootle. Hmmmm. A slippery dip would be a very handy thing to position in our backyard, straddling the fence, so that little boys could come and go, leaving the fence intact.

Excellent idea! So off I went... I pointed the bow of my boat south,

... and continued passed my favourite houseboat.
O how I dream of spending a night on this houseboat one day. Preferably somewhere on the Hawksbury River, with no other boats in sight. Ahhh...

I found the rather large water-front mansion and tied up to the neighbouring jetty, (being careful not to bang my island boat up too close to any big, fancy, mainland boats - they all live in the same water but there's a big difference between a mainland boat and an island boat. Come park at my communal jetty sometime. You'll soon see what I mean.)
I collected the little slippery dip, tied her into my boat and off we poottled together...

passed the lovely houseboat again...
until we made it home. I will try to add a photo of the little blue slippery dip in her new position, lovingly swooshing little boys bottoms over the fence. Mission complete. My only disappointment is that my bum is just a tad too big to comfortably swoosh down the blue slippery slope.
And there you have it. A Friday afternoon adventure for a little blue slippery dip.

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