Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Boys will be boys

Meet two of our favourite boys: Tom...

and Jo Jo.

Jo-Jo is our cousin. That means he's our blood, bru. He melts your heart every time you see him... especially when he reads "It's time for bed" to himself. Jo-Jo is very wise: he knew to say Om's quietly to himself when he was in much pain.

Tom is our friend. Chooch has always spent much time with Tom but they only really began appreciating each other (and each others' mischief) around the start of last summer. Tom is from Planet Tom: often not to be disturbed. He has gorgeous, clear blue eyes and - as my hairdresser described him on Friday (!) - always looks like he's just gotten out of bed! Tom has a thing for animals. Luckily for him, he has amazing similarities to a wombat.

We love hanging out with them, laughing with them, dancing with them, body boarding and swimming with them, consoling them.

I don't think they pay much attention to me, but I love watching them grow.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our Island, Fiji

On our island the thunder rumbles in the distance.

On our island the best time to snorkel is when the tide is high and the sun is shining. Then we can see daisy parrot fish, angel fish, tropical garfish and leopard fish. We see iridescent small blue fish, indigo-blue starfish, clown fish, and - if you're lucky - even catch a glimpse of a blue-spotted stingray, a turtle or a reef shark.

On our island the small flat shells already have a hole in the centre so it's very easy to turn them into necklaces and bracelets.

On our island Fijian women give very good massages in an outdoor room with big open windows and only 3 walls. The outside-room is surrounded by palms and coconut trees and orchids, and has a warm breeze making the curtains dance.

On our island children are allowed to drink Fanta orange at the bar on special occasions. A pizza-chef cooks pizza in the clay pizza oven and the adults enjoy playing Farkel. Juice comes in a tall glass with fresh coconut on top.

On our island we can hang out with our friends all day. We can snorkel, learn to scuba dive, throw seaweed at each other in the water, swim in the pool (morning, noon and night). We can canoe or learn to sail a catamaran or go hand-line fishing... even in the dark! Lenka can read book after book after book for hours and hours. At meal times we can choose anything we'd like to eat including salad, chips, fish, burgers, curries, sandwiches, omlettes, croissants, and tropical fruits.

On our island there is always a hermit crab waiting to be found, a hammock waiting to be swung in, a coconut waiting to ripen, a cane toad waiting in our foot-bath.

And that is just the beginning. We hope our island will always be waiting for us to return.