Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Monday, July 27, 2009

a sunny Sydney day...

Could winter in Sydney be more glorious? I certainly think not.

O the warmth and delight of a bushwalk on the edge of Sydney harbour on a Friday. Three friends and their collective six children plus one little friend: clambering over rocks, splashing on the harbour's edge. On that particular day last week (the day after the not very blue star day, and actually again today - another winter Friday with nuddy-buddies on the edge of Middle Harbour) we really did feel like very lucky ones. In Lucas's words... "this is the life!"

Fridays with Layney and Lenks have been a long-time delight of mine actually. Never more so than when Layney has just returned from Boston, all of the kiddles get along relatively well and there are no major Mama tantrums (apart from a minor blood boiling moment when I found yet another steak knife in Noah's bag. O yes. I'm still not quite sure what's going on with that). And let's not forget the rare lack of composure, small shriek and jumping up and down on Lenka's part, thanks to a swooping kookaburra who stole her lunch. That was gold.

Our bush walk ended back at Lenka's with just enough time for a quick hip hop disco moment before the day was over. Which reminds me... does anyone have a spare disco ball that I could borrow? Spring-child birthday preparations are getting underway and the boy's requesting a "yo yo hip hop No no" birthday party. Hey... wasn't this the year that he wasn't having a birthday party? Indeed. But I've succumbed to the endless birthday ponderings of a nearly-6-year-old. I may even be so kind as to grant his wish since he was 4... to dye his hair black for the launch of his band, when he turns 6. I admire that boy's determination and persistence.

And just so the Chooch isn't left out, Charlie's quote of the week is: "If you do a wee in Ginger's box, your Mama will be very very angwy." [Ginger being the family white fluffy cat.] [He's right of course. She will indeed.]

Sunday, July 26, 2009

South Coast dreaming

Gogo, looking perturbed about this whinging child beside her.

It may not be wise to attempt a photo shot whilst driving (probably not really legal either) but it sure did make me giggle to myself.

The south coast always feels too far away when I'm back in Sydney, and feels just like coming home each time I arrive there. The green rolling hills. The scattered dairy cows. The winding country roads. The pristine beaches. All those tall eucalypts. And O, that Shoalhaven bush.

It's a bit chilly down that way for my Zimbabwean, but you never know. One day there may just be a little bush house with many spare beds, a verandah, a yurt and a well-stocked herbal dispensary... with my name on it. Let's add a quilt or crocheted granny rug to each of those beds. And the smell of pumpkin damper coming from the heart of the kitchen. I reckon there'd be some muddy footprints slapped on those floorboards, and lots of little nuddy-buddies at bath time. Some colourful felt drying on the line. And the kettle would never, never be cold.

And there would have to be a clearing for the helicopter landing pad.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Not a very blue star day

Would you like to hear a little story about what my two little boys have been doing?

well, on Thursday I left for work at 6.30am. The boyks were dropped off at a friend's house later that morning by the Dada, to be picked up by me after lunch.

We'd been in the car for approximately 1.5 minutes when Noah belted Charlie, Charlie screamed blue murder and Mama slammed on the brakes and told them both they could get out.

Fast forward 1.5 hours and we were at home with two little friends, who were playing at our place while their Mama had final check-up for the sibling, who's arrival into the world could happen tomorrow. To distract myself from the four noisy children, I busied myself with chopping and cooking pumpkin. Fast forward another hour, pumpkin cooked and sitting on bench to cool. Noah told one little friend it would be a good idea and very funny for said friend to spit in the pumpkin. The little friend agreed and proceeded to do just that. O my god. Let me tell you, life feels bad when someone spits in your pumpkin.

Fast forward another 2 hours, after discussion as to why Mama was so mad about the pumpkin. All was quiet in the bedroom. Tooooo quiet. Several trips to investigate, found nothing but mischief lurking in the air. Until... John discovered what looked like the family stash of homeopathic remedies. What WAS the family stash of homeopathic remedies. Now it's a near empty box as Charlie swallowed approximately $300 of homeopathic pilules. O. MY. GOD. I was so incredibly furious that each time I tried to scream and shout and tell them they could find a new home, John strategically placed himself between me and the boyks and told them to stay out of Mama's way/sight/life. For the time being. They were sent straight to bed, no Mama love, no Mama kisses, no Mama sitting on the armchair in their room for an hour like she does every ridiculous night to reassure them as they drifted off to sleep. O no no no Mama.

And the next morning, Charlie was overheard saying to Noah: "Noah! You still haven't paid me for stealing Mama's medicine."
Noah's reply: "I'm not going to now."

Little assholes.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sun-drenched winter road trip

No photos whilst on our road trip, I'm afraid.

The winter sun has been shining upon us as we enjoy cruising the south coast... I love a winter road trip down south, 2 boykies in the back, one being a rock-star, the other watching attentively - teaching himself to play air-guitar based on big brother's antics, Deacon Blue blaring (Noah's favourite cd), dairy cows rushing passed the windows, rolling green hills and a crazy Mama trying to capture the scenery on film whilst driving. I'll show you my efforts when we return home.

We've enjoyed eating cake with our cousins, Noah's Wii boxing style (nothing short of hilarious), stopping off at our favourite shop in Berry - Shambalaa - to stock up on rainbow woolen socks, gloves, and a beanie with a mohawk for Noah. Once finally at our destination, Mama, Noah, Charlie and Gogo played with Magic Sand in the backyard, sun on our arms, before going for a walk this evening. Well... some of us walked, Noah rode like the wind on his bike, freedom lapping at his rear tyre. AND we even skyped with Dada this evening.
O MY GOd. Our day has been too cool.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

a birthday for Chooch

It was 3 years ago today, today
that Charlie came down from the heavens to stay.
He came to bring gladness and joy to the earth,
good people and angels attended his birth,
so let us all join in the singing
with heavenly birthday bells ringing...
Happy Birthday to Charlie!

A colourful winter's day for my Chooch. After weeks of contemplative preparation, stitching, glueing, gathering, and a day at Lenka's baking up a storm, we had all the delightful luxuries of a happy party to celebrate my littlest one turning 3. Fun was had by all!

(Lenka was the one who assured me that I need a blog. She's right about many things, so who am I to argue?)

Thursday, July 9, 2009


(A feeble attempt to capture the magic of a winter table)

Winter. The time for inner reflection, reverence, gratitude, meditation. The months to fuel the inner glow. How could we go without winter? I love it! I love the inside company. I love the inner reflection. I love warming the inner belly, alone and in company. I love sharing mugs o' soup and cups o' tea. And freshly baked bread. And walking through farmers' markets in winter sunshine. And scarves and woolly arm-warmers against my skin. And flasks of hot sausages at Friday night rugby training sessions. And pumpkin and choc-chip modifications to favourite bread recipes. And clear, fresh, clean air. And big hug greetings in winter woollies. And pots of chai. And candle-lit labyrinths to make your teary eyes glisten.

And my Choochie Luc's birthday. (icing sugar dusting of snow for my winter child)

What's not to love about winter!?

a mystery package...

O the delight of the Mama, to discover that the package being fought over by little hands was for... me. Me!!

I wrapped my new lovely scarf around my neck, returned to the kitchen and smiled my way through the whinging and fighting that is often the evening soundtrack to dinner preparation.

AND I received at least 8 compliments today, whilst out and about, wearing said new lovely scarf.

Rach, thank you for thinking of me.