Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Monday, April 16, 2012

A noisy brushy

Thanks to my friend and neighbour Betsi, an island mystery has been solved.

For 18 months we've been trying to figure out just what is making that very strange noise outside our house late at night. We hear it nearly every night when all else is quiet, usually after 11pm. Sometimes it's coming from out the back, near the front door, or under the floor of the Zimbabwean's study.

I think it sounds like a small body scraping on gravel stones. So I thought it may have been a snake sliding around. Then I thought it was a bit of a hiss. So I googled 'blue tongue lizard sound' and thought that may have been it, but wasn't convinced. Maybe it was a door hinge, opening and closing at odd locations around the house. Hmmm, what else could it be?

We see a few possies: on the top deck, walking along the railings, in the chook yard at night, in the eucalyptus trees out the front, or in the mulberry tree. They are usually brushtail possums and are very cute and look well-fed. I certainly didn't know that possums made this noise!

We also hear this one. And then usually see a little head peep over a door, looking for his or her mama, who is probably out looking for food.

Problem solved.

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