Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

St Francis and the Wolf

Noah has been nervously excited for weeks while his class has prepared for their annual class play with their passionate drama teacher, Anthony.

This year they performed St Francis and the Wolf, set in the Italian town of Assisi, near Gubbio, which is near place-of-my-heart "Pratale"! (that may be a story for another day)

In the eyes of the mother and of the father and of the inspired teaching team (and believe me, Noah's teachers are all inspired) the play was a huge success! The children (8 year olds) spoke boldly and clearly, working from a beautiful, meaningful script. In the words of Noah's class teacher:
"...they took full possession of the play and demonstrated that in huge improvements in the energy of their speech, characterisations and singing. The important point is that even if there wasn't the improvement we saw, the class had already learned many valuable lessons through the process of working together as a team and on an individual level, numerous personal breakthroughs were achieved."
The beating energetic drum of our Rudolf Steiner school never ceases to warm my heart. What a joy it is to see your sun, shining with all his might.

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