Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Friendly observations

Today I'm using this space, my very own soapbox, to tell you about a friend of mine, and to celebrate the gift of Lenka (hope she doesn't mind). Go on, indulge me and let me describe her to you...
  • She's thoughtful and generous,
  • she's often not as serious as she looks and if you say the right thing she'll let out quite a raucous laugh,
  • she's smart, pragmatic and super efficient,
  • she's sophisticated but quite earthy, an excellent camping companion,
  • she can cook, sew, play the piano, speak French and Italian and has extensive general knowledge,
  • she's the rock of her family, and way too hard on herself.
  • (PS from the Zimbabwean: she can give a disprin a headache)
My boys would happily move in to her house in the blink of an eye. Once, when Choochie was mad with me, he announced that I couldn't come to his 4th birthday party. I retorted that his Mama had to come because who else would bake his birthday cake? He grumpily replied, "Lenka can make it!"

Today is my friend's last day of permanent employment. She's freeing herself to have more time at home and school for her children, to be the one accompanying them to their after-school activities and to simply bring more life into their family home. This is no small step for someone with a career, mind and ambition like Lenka's, and comes after possibly years of discussion (what are friends for?!).

Lenks, honour thyself! May this time bring you much joy and growth in ways that you've underestimated. May this time open doors for project work for your ongoing professional satisfaction, without inhibiting your desired family life. May you feel empowered, respected and privileged, and know that this is what you are doing now, in this snippet of your journey.

You are already, and always have been, a real mother.

You are one of our family favourites.


  1. Oh, this made me teary - you have described Lenka perfectly!

  2. She does give a disprin a headache though...

  3. Anonymous, I think we know who you are.