Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Monday, July 27, 2009

a sunny Sydney day...

Could winter in Sydney be more glorious? I certainly think not.

O the warmth and delight of a bushwalk on the edge of Sydney harbour on a Friday. Three friends and their collective six children plus one little friend: clambering over rocks, splashing on the harbour's edge. On that particular day last week (the day after the not very blue star day, and actually again today - another winter Friday with nuddy-buddies on the edge of Middle Harbour) we really did feel like very lucky ones. In Lucas's words... "this is the life!"

Fridays with Layney and Lenks have been a long-time delight of mine actually. Never more so than when Layney has just returned from Boston, all of the kiddles get along relatively well and there are no major Mama tantrums (apart from a minor blood boiling moment when I found yet another steak knife in Noah's bag. O yes. I'm still not quite sure what's going on with that). And let's not forget the rare lack of composure, small shriek and jumping up and down on Lenka's part, thanks to a swooping kookaburra who stole her lunch. That was gold.

Our bush walk ended back at Lenka's with just enough time for a quick hip hop disco moment before the day was over. Which reminds me... does anyone have a spare disco ball that I could borrow? Spring-child birthday preparations are getting underway and the boy's requesting a "yo yo hip hop No no" birthday party. Hey... wasn't this the year that he wasn't having a birthday party? Indeed. But I've succumbed to the endless birthday ponderings of a nearly-6-year-old. I may even be so kind as to grant his wish since he was 4... to dye his hair black for the launch of his band, when he turns 6. I admire that boy's determination and persistence.

And just so the Chooch isn't left out, Charlie's quote of the week is: "If you do a wee in Ginger's box, your Mama will be very very angwy." [Ginger being the family white fluffy cat.] [He's right of course. She will indeed.]

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