Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Sunday, July 26, 2009

South Coast dreaming

Gogo, looking perturbed about this whinging child beside her.

It may not be wise to attempt a photo shot whilst driving (probably not really legal either) but it sure did make me giggle to myself.

The south coast always feels too far away when I'm back in Sydney, and feels just like coming home each time I arrive there. The green rolling hills. The scattered dairy cows. The winding country roads. The pristine beaches. All those tall eucalypts. And O, that Shoalhaven bush.

It's a bit chilly down that way for my Zimbabwean, but you never know. One day there may just be a little bush house with many spare beds, a verandah, a yurt and a well-stocked herbal dispensary... with my name on it. Let's add a quilt or crocheted granny rug to each of those beds. And the smell of pumpkin damper coming from the heart of the kitchen. I reckon there'd be some muddy footprints slapped on those floorboards, and lots of little nuddy-buddies at bath time. Some colourful felt drying on the line. And the kettle would never, never be cold.

And there would have to be a clearing for the helicopter landing pad.

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