Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Monday, March 12, 2012

trit-trotting in the streets of London

It was a Wednesday and I was sitting on a train in London, just 2 weeks ago. I was just a little bit excited. It was pretty bloody chilly, and grey... well that kind of whitish-grey tinge that the sky over London is often washed with.

The woman beside me was listening to Gotye Somebody that I used to know on her iPhone. As we pulled into Charing Cross, The Smiths came onto my iPod shuffle* and made my day complete. Indeed Morissey, some girls are bigger than others.

The whole week was one big, delicious treat.

It was Gran's 90th birthday. Another train ride, another hour with my ipod (this just doesn't usually happen in my "normal" life!) This time I listened to the Wailin' Jennys, while I was marveling and pondering the connection offered to us by technology.

Through the colourful wide world of blogs, which I first discovered about 4 years ago, I have discovered a world of, specifically, north American women, who share many of my interests. The way they dress, the things they aspire to, the way they live, the music they hear... I feel as though I know them. And would like to know and learn more from them still. There seems to be a strong and vibrant secret women's business movement over there. It feels mature and strong, but still feminine, without losing softness and sensuality. That's not to say its not in other regions... North-West across the Pacific just happens to be the direction drawing my attention right now.

And without technology, which I truly don't pretend to understand, how would I have found that particular river of life? I'd be missing a whole chunk of inspiration and education, and a healthy dose of escapism to boot.

I remember seeing pictures of Swiss chalets when I was twelve, and having a deep knowing that I needed to go find me one of those! I still haven't been to a Swiss chalet, per se, but it's the yearning to get out there and find something that was important to me. I've always believed that any part of the world could be in my reach, but I'm still celebrating how connected we can feel.

*no I am not sponsored by Apple. But Apple, if you're listening, I'd be happy to be. The Zimbabwean would be even happier.

there's that Cloth House, Soho again. What more can I say? Ahhhhhhhhh.

Camden Stable Market

Isn't this amazing? Staircase III, Do Ho Suh, 2009. Polyester & stainless steel tubes. At the Tate Modern Gallery.

Josie, Norman's beloved, loved friend of Ina & Chick. I call her Gran and I love her dearly (and I thank her 4 biological grandchildren, for sharing her with me).

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  1. ohhh, that picture of you and your gran is just a treasure! both of my grandmothers (Nanny and Anna) have passed on. they were so dear to me, their smells, their foibles, there suffocating love!

    we are enjoying the move immensely (in italics). it's so heartening to know that you have discovered a slice of heaven in big bad Sydney's backyard, another treasure! i have met a few of your dear ones here too... you know who i mean. x tali