Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Monday, August 29, 2011

feeling free

For the past 2 months I've been working for the Australian Bureau of Stats, delivering and collecting forms for the 2011 Census. I'm soooo happy that today was the last day.

I've climbed over fences, jetties, fallen trees, rocks, decking and even the odd septic tank. I've been eaten alive by ticks, and walked through spider webs about 35 times a day. I now know the terrain of our island much more intimately. My knees and hips feel those steps and bush walks with a new familiarity. I know which houses have great views (many do!), which ones have slippery slopes, where the scary dogs live and which dogs are really very friendly when you get to know them. I'm most grateful that I didn't see or step on any snakes. I can cope with diamond pythons, and possibly even yellow crown pythons (though I will still let out a yelp), but red-bellied black snakes make me shake in my boots.

I didn't mind the job. Although I'm not a big fan of stumbling up to front doors of strangers to deliver or ask for government forms, I have enjoyed the physical challenge, and the record keeping aspect of the job. What can I say? I'm a form girl. I like things to be in [my version of] order.

Can you see two houses in the above photo, requiring Census forms? Well, that's why I was Island Census girl, and you were not.

Another clearly marked entrance and obvious signs of a dwelling.

This rocky ridge, according to the map, is "Thompson Street". Yes, really. So the houses along said ridge all have "Number blah blah Thompson St, Adventure Island" as their official address (I added the Adventure part). I do love it here.

I nearly stepped on this healthy looking blue-tongue lizard. He didn't flinch, even when I yelped. Thank you Mr Blue Tongue, for not being a snake.

I hope the occupants of this house don't often need to step out for the loo at night.

Now I can just enjoy walks around the island again without the yellow satchel and government I.D. tag. Today I couldn't stop smiling. Even when I had to whip off my jeans and get into the water in my undies to find my boat lock... still smiling.

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