Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Monday, August 22, 2011

alive girl

I seem to have lost my hazy, softer edge. I'm trying to rekindle it with a shirt that says "alive girl" on the label and a favourite scarf and pair of boots. But the scarf has shrunk and I can't find my rose-coloured glasses.

Perhaps it's just winter closing in on me. A cold winter during a challenging year. Perhaps it's a sense of disappointment. Perhaps I've just been a little short of time. All that running around has made me dizzy. And that Zimbabwean... well, he spins so quickly that not even he can keep up.

Someone said to me today that perhaps it's Sydney. The rat race. But I think its my natural tendency to say yes to too many things.

I'm learning that when I'm happiest with a place, it's because I'm connected to the people. I was very happy with my teenage hometown when I felt I was in many connected relationships, which I don't feel there now, so there are few reasons to return.

In my new place, I'd like my connectedness to be less focused on the people and much more with the trees, the national park, the sound of the water, the feel of it on a summer's day, the hills, the sky stretching above and beyond it all. I want to feel it all deeply within me, stirring my blood whilst soothing my soul. Yes, that's what I want... a piece and peace of that great Mother, rejuvenating my soul.

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