Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Saturday, September 3, 2011

the smell of mowed grass

Do you remember me recently proudly stating my list of handy woman moments? Well, two weeks ago it occurred to me that I have much more time at home than the Zimbabwean so it was high time I mowed the lawn. I tried to start the lawn mower, to no avail. I put it down to being weak in the shoulders and therefore not giving a hefty enough pull to get the motor going.

Roll on another week... Whilst preparing the house for a 50-people barbeque to celebrate the soccer season that was, I thought I should give it another go. Out came the lawn mower again and this time I had the wisdom to add petrol before giving it a mighty yank. Yee ha (as big Kel would say)! The mower roared to life with that familiar Australian-sunny-afternoon sound, and I was off. In a jiffy the back yard was done. My only mishap was nearly mangling a body board arm-rope, but it was saved at the last exciting moment. So, with that job done, I tried to turn the green machine off. But no! It had been sleeping for weeks and weeks (through busy winter months with much weekend sport and rain) and it (he - shall we call him "he"?) was not about to return to the shed so soon. What was I to do?

Well.. OK, we do have a small front yard that needed mowing, so I struggled over gravel paths and wooden steps (with the lawn mower still going) as best I could without mowing over my feet and finally found some more grass down the front. Mowed that, still couldn't turn him off. Mowed the very tricky slope right out the front of our property. This involves slipping and sliding and grunting and looking very undignified as you try to tame the warbling beast. I then left him warbling away while I weeded for half an hour. Surely he would run out of petrol sooner or later!

I was just about to head over to the next-door neighbours and mow their lawn (well what would you do if you had a lawn mower that just wanted to mow??) when, on close inspection, I found the OFF switch.

Who would have thought that an hour with lawn mower would become such a rambling blog post. Surely that will shake off a few blog followers (perhaps I don't have enough to lose). Here's the finished product (note the centre patch. Believe me, it's steeper than it looks).

By the way, the soccer bbq went very well. The house survived the 30 children and 20 adults and the day ended with the soccer coaches doing a winter jetty jump, just moments before the ferry arrived to take them all home.

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  1. well its hard to know what to say Leanne to this blog - you would have millions of viewers if you had your own reality tv show (no i'm not being sarcastic)

    ps i do hope that you or that lazy husband of yours will have mowed that spot of remaining grass by the time we arrive