Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bowaarrrk Bowaarrrkk Bowaarkkk

Chooks in transit
How to efficiently load a subi...
and a boat.

Sugarplum (aka Sugar Ray)

Last week, the little boys and I had yet another adventure of the "island transit" variety.

The lovely Gillian parted with her 3 chookies, which she lovingly hand-raised, and donated them (along with their chook accessories: house and run) to the Island Chook Coop Co-op (an island community initiative). I first met these girls when they were just tiny tots in a box in Gillian's dining room. It is with gratitude that we humbly accept them to add to our young girls.

Now, some would hesitate to transport 3 grown chooks, a chook house and a chook run to the island on a somewhat stormy-looking Monday afternoon after school... complete with children and all that comes with them. But no. I strive to be a girl with guts. So it was, with great guidance and reassurance from Robin (he who can transport just about anything and inspires me in the guts department) that we loaded said chooks in to a box, and tied rather large items to the roof of my trusty subi.

To date, I've found that the Zimbabwean handles arrivals to the commuter dock best if he doesn't have to think about them too much beforehand. That's why I rarely tell him all the details (if any) about what's coming. He's beginning to sigh a whole lot more often, roll his eyes, even place his hands on his hips so perhaps it will soon be wise to change my position on disclosure. Anyway... we all arrived at the commuter dock (Robin had followed me through several Sydney North Shore suburbs to make sure I didn't lose any feathers etc.) where said Zimbabwean was patiently waiting. All was creatively loaded into our boat and off we sailed. The only seat Noah could find was actually in the chicken run. As we pootled to the island, a rainbow quietly positioned itself above us... surely a sign that all would be well and the girls would like their new home.

One week later and they do indeed seem pretty happy with island life. There's the odd scuffle in the chook yard but we do receive eggs every day. Usually only 2 (from 6 chooks? Which four of you are not earning your scraps?) but still, they are lovely, welcome gifts.

Our chook tribe now consists of: Chalkey, Ruby Tuesday Nandos, Crayon (the most odd looking chook), and now also Sugarplum, Peggy and Fido. Tomorrow I'll see if they'll consent to a group photo (don't hold your breath).


  1. You're the craziest chook of the lot!!!!

  2. Leanne you are truly unique - more blog postings please ! Johnnie the thought of the look on your face when Leanne turned up with the chook house on her car and amusement that you must have caused loading it into the boat has made my week. Surely this would qualify for giving a dispirin a headache? Jules:)