Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Monday, March 21, 2011

a rainy weekend

On Saturday, the Zimbabwean and I assured Noah that there would be no decent fishing to be had with muddy water and pouring rain. In the end, (it didn't really take that long to convince him) the Dada did indeed agree to take 2 little boys fishing in the rain. Noah baited his line by himself, cast his line out by himself, yelled out "hey Dada! I've got one" (almost immediately), fought the fishy by himself ("he gave me a good fight Mama!"), brought him in and did a happy-joy-bursting-with-pride dance on the jetty. We really don't see this dance very often so it must be relished every time. The brim was then brought home and Noah learned how to gut him, prepare him (with garlic and butter), fry him up and we all ate him for lunch. What a lovely event for my boy.

And to finish off this week, a Rainy Day activity tip: grab your raincoats and children and head down to your nearest communal jetty. We found several boats which needing bailing out and this offered at least one hour of muddy, wet fun for my kiddles. I was clever enough to take a cup o' tea with me AND found neighbours to have a chat with so everyone was a winner this weekend.

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