Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Not the new girl I used to be

Ahhhh, you're still here? Lovely.

She is so tired, the lady of Lazuligreen. Her arms hurt, her eyelids are droopy, her ears are ringing (what? don't yours?) but she thought she'd just pop in for a quick helloooo-o-o-o-o.

I've just been having a quick squizzy at for a little update on how Nancy is going in her new nurse life. She's reminded me of my delicious week in London, this time last year, and I'm feeling a tad nostalgic. You know, I scored that ticket because:
a) my dad is very generous, and 
b) my dad can't stand the cold. 
I'm soooo glad I could go for a little trip to London in winter. I would say YES! to just about any free trip to London (and other world cities) but the chilly air on my usually sun-kissed face, just briefly, is a treat to behold and cherish.

I can't see any little trips surprising me this year, but you never know. I like to think of myself as an optimist.

Today was the first day of my second year back at uni (6th year in total if we're tallying life years at uni, but who's counting?). It felt so different to the same day a year ago. Back then, I felt so panic-stricken about being a hated mature-age student that I thought I would vomit on the library stairs. Then I asked myself... What's the worst thing that could happen here today? Being Australian, in Australia, (rather than any nationality in an American educational institution) I decided that the worst thing that could happen on that particular day at that particular moment would be me getting my period, unexpectantly, having it run down my legs and then me falling unceremoniously down the stairs outside the library, in front of all those brand new 18 year old uni students and have everyone laugh at me. Once I'd come up with that imagery, I could logically see how unlikely that was, tuck the thought of vomit back down into my belly and march on through my day.

But today.... Oh there was none of that. The sun shone. My boots, they did march themselves right on over to the lecture theatre, quite happy and relaxed. I embraced my friend, Mary, happy to see her after the summer break. After our lecture, in we boldly went, straight into the Staff Cafe. Hilarious! As Mary assured me when we met last year: No-one is going to ask us for ID in there! 

We enjoyed a rather grown-up lunch ("You ARE a grown-up", Noah pointed out. Hmphh) with a beautiful view through leaves in a quiet spot. And with that I've ticked off one of my 2013 campus missions, on day one.

Eat in Staff Cafe.
Because I can.
Because 38 is great.

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  1. Well aren't you the sweetest chicken! So delighted to hear that over on the other side of the world you are following my progress and in the middle of your own University adventure.

    Our staff canteen needs a staff swipe card to get into, so no chance of me gate-crashing any time soon.

    N xx