Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Sunday, July 22, 2012

One mother's guide to: Venice Beach, CA

I had fairly high hopes for Venice Beach. I do like a bit of street colour and I don't mind it being left of centre.

What I found was a grey promenade with aggressive street art, crocheted beach dresses, a real live freak show (the smallest woman in America, the hairiest boy, the turtle with 2 heads etc), some very leathery residents artists, an outdoor gym complete with muscle-man posing for photos - he made me laugh out loud. After the 17th sign threatening bruising and broken bones if I took pictures, there are no photos to back up my vague descriptions. 

My favourite stall sold old teapots, lovely decorative mobiles dangling silver cutlery from the teapots. I do wish I'd bought one of those for my island abode.

We lunched at Local 1205 on Abbot Kinney Boulevard. My turkey sandwich was delicious and my tea had a smokey edge to it, which I reveled in as we walked north, up to Santa Monica. I would definitely recommend eating there.

What do you think we saw on our walk north? If you answered "a yellow transformer, calmly walking the back streets of Santa Monica alone?" you'd be right.

I will not be taking my children to Venice Beach.

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