Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Monday, July 23, 2012


Could LAX be the most boring airport in the known world? Yes, I think it is, in my known world at least (and I recognise that this is such a first world problem). Luckily, I have a crochet hook, which should come in handy to crochet the hours away until my little ones are in my arms again.

Hmmm, what facilities should an international airport offer? A music store would be good. A yoga class, a meditation prayer room. How about a hairdresser? Massage, beauty treatment rooms, a library even! Come on LAX... this isn't ground breaking stuff. In the words of one of my neighbours: "I don't think I've had an original thought in my life!"

Ever wondered what's in someone else's cabin bag? Here's what's in mine:
  • Afore mentioned crochet hook and 2 balls of wool;
  • ipod shuffle (bringing Mumford &  Sons dramatically to the moment);
  • iPhone with unheard podcasts: Richard Fidler's conversations with Costa Georgiadis and Dr Karl Kruszelnicki (God bless ABC local radio);
  • note book for old-school handwriting;
  • 2 blank birthday cards;
  • Australian Journal of Medical Herbalism, vol 24, issue 2;
  • a toothbrush;
  • a pair of batman and a pair of superman converse boots, neither of which fit me;
  • some reading matter from the "Worldwide Prayer circle".

With only 18 hours of airport and flying time I'd better get a wriggle on! How will I get through all of that?

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