Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Thursday, June 21, 2012

She she she shine on

There was such a righteous smirkyness about me last week.

At 12.37pm on Thursday, one hour and 13 minutes early(!), I uploaded the last assessment task of this, my first, semester. Oh yippeee for me. It felt fabulous.

I felt happy and light and proud. I did it... started another degree. I do Love studying. In the joyful words of Mumford and Sons, Awake my soul!  And at the end of this first semester I've discovered medical sociology, which I believe to be the academic term for my area of interest. So I'm not alone! Ahhhhh.

After completing my last essay I...
  1. gave Banjo a big fat smile and took him for a walk.
  2. fed chooks and found an egg. One egg. 10 chooks, one egg. I don't think I'm having the last laugh in the chook yard.
  3. Re-stocked the wood pile. That worked up a sweat and illuminated my righteousness again.
  4. Baked an apple pie, complete with pastry angels.

O some days we feel 10 feet tall, don't we?

And after that riveting piece of blow-my-own-trumpet-blogging, you may be pleased to know that the very next day my superwoman cape failed me, causing me to crash and lose my dignity (again). I was a tired, weepy, whiny, pre-menstrual mess, reduced to a slump over my cup o' tea at the lovely Michelle's kitchen table.  That's why I blog, you see. To remind myself of the fleeting moments when I truly am a domestic goddess.

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