Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Thursday, January 12, 2012

on simplicity

Simple is best. That's what my heart tells me. That may be hard to believe, coming from me. You may have noticed, I can be a bit "wordy".

The difficulty I have with simple is how to find simplicity in managing the life and times of 3-4 people, all at once. (There is an obvious 3: me and two children; but I've referred to "3-4 people" because whilst one could be mistaken for thinking that the husband manages his own life, the wife begs to differ.)

I feel as if I am constantly nagging. Well, I AM actually constantly nagging:
"... please unpack the dishwasher
... has anyone fed the pets
... check for eggs
... are you wearing suncream?
... where's your rashie!?
... why is the toilet seat up!?
... your room needs tidying
... stop fighting!
... no balls inside
... have you practiced the violin today?
... why isn't the dishwasher unpacked yet!?
... by the way, check out the angel dust!"

The most complicated thing around here seems to be my mind! I think of "simple" as clean and uncluttered, and my busy mind certainly doesn't feel uncluttered.

So this morning I stopped. I took a breath. I walked out the front door, dog lead in hand, without any long explanation as to where we were going, and what we would do when we got there. I walked, around our whole island, with kids on bikes, and only spoke to them when they spoke to me first.

Walking our funny little dog around the island in the morning - Simple.
Stripping down to my cozzies (or undies) and jumping off a jetty - that is Simple.
Enjoying a mango - simple.
Sipping tea - simple.

Taking a breath, when I remember... really, it could be simple.

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