Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

new beginnings

It's the last night of the summer school holidays. I'm so relieved.

They've been lovely. It's been a summer of fun, friends and frivolity.

Now I'm ready to get stuck in... to Noah's Class 3, to Choochie's Kindergarten (yay! the beginning of school for my littlest one), to a new venture for the Zimbo, and... most excitingly for me... to my slow emergence from the womb of motherhood. As those spunky little boys grow and grow and take leaps of their own, it's time for mama to get "out there". O yeah. Late thirties may be a tad old for starting a new university course for some, but I say It's the university of life, Baby! I love learning. I'm sooooo looking forward to being a uni student again. And I hold it as a great GREAT privilege. (So thank you, Australian government, for loaning me the uni fees.)

New Year's Day 2012
Lenka, getting friendly with quite a well built goanna...


  1. Greetings:

    Alayne, who is a dear childhood friend, sent me your blog. Your writing is refreshing and really well done. Maybe your university course involves writing? Anyway, thanks for sharing your delightfully articulate perspective on life!

    Best Wishes, elizabeth d.

  2. Well hello Elizabeth! I've heard about Layney's Elizabeth for a long time. May you be warmly welcomed here. xx