Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Monday, November 7, 2011

Warm Your Heart Crumble

Here is the recipe for tonight's fruit crumble. I've called it Warm Your Heart Crumble, and it's here with special blessings for my old friend Lib (my favourite Climate Change Psychologist), who really does warm my heart. (Libby Dibby, I love you. xx)

You will need:
4 apples
2 pears
zest of half a lemon
vanilla essence
agave nectar or honey
cooked polenta
sunflower seeds
shredded coconut
brown sugar
rye/spelt flour
almonds or walnuts
natural or greek yoghurt

Peel and chop 4 apples, 2 pears. Any variety of apple or pear. Let's not get too caught up in all that.
Place the chopped fruit in a medium saucepan with 2 Tbl water, zest of half a lemon, small splash of vanilla essence and 1 Tbl of agave nectar or honey. Bring almost to the boil, then simmer for 10 minutes.

Preheat oven to 180 degrees C.

While the fruit is simmering, prepare the crumble: into a food processor, place 2 big dollops of cooked polenta (mine was left over from this morning's polenta porridge) (I supppose it must have been about 1-2 cups of cooked polenta), generous handful of sunflower seeds, not as generous handful of pepitas, 1 tsp cinnamon, quite a bit of brown sugar (1/2 - 1 cup?), handful of shredded coconut, 2 Tbl wheatgerm, 1/2 cup of rye or spelt flour (feel free to improvise) and several big dollops of butter (2-3 Tbl). Pulse until this mixture is well combined. Due to the polenta, it won't become "bread-crumbish" like other crumble mixtures. It will be more dough-like.

Drain the fruit and place in your favourite oven-proof dish. You could add some raspberries (fresh or frozen) for some extra flavour. Spoon the crumble mixture on top, spread around with a fork in a rustic fashion, sprinkle with crushed almonds and bake for 30 mins at 180 degrees C.

Serve with natural or greek yoghurt. Lib, if you're reading this, I sincerely hope that it isn't already too hot in Darwin to enjoy this dish (with love) but if it is, you could save it for brekkie the next day, and I'll try to remember to bake it next time we share a kitchen. May that be sooner than you can say "unterwegs".

Blessings on your meal.

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