Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Friday, November 11, 2011

a few more holiday snaps

with Shell
"Pat 'im my hworthie?" "Pat 'im my haworth!" (the delicious insistence of a toddler, each day about the hworthies, pussy, rabbits... he is soooo delicious)
a time for tea (always time for tea for me)
Arrowtown, South Island NZ
Time for a few more holiday piccies.

On our recent family trip to NZ, there was quite a bit of lounging around, eating and drinking going on. In fact, that was the daily list of activities. On the day pictured, the skies were clear and blue so we really were reveling in the gorgeous scenery around Wanaka, on the South Island. The kids were all happy, the adults were all loved-up and relaxed. The wine tasting at Amisfield vineyard, long lunch that followed and subsequent 3 dozen bottles of wine that were ordered, may have had something to do with the good cheer.

The vineyard was in a gorgeous setting, complete with games area for boules and a grassy field with old tractor to sit on. Noah, Chooch and Toby occupied themselves as ball-boys for a large group of English rugby fans, on a boys' trip to the World Cup. Who knows what propaganda they were being fed about the NZ and Springbok rugby teams but it allowed us to have a very luxurious afternoon.

I do wish I had a photo from 1993 as a comparison to the first one, of Shell (aka Sunshine) and me, together. Such rolley-polley fat things in 1993, laughing and eating our way to happiness in northern Germany, to classy, happy, high-calibre chicks in 2011, holidaying with our families in her home. And who would have thought that that spunky 18 year old Zimbabwean with the rugby thighs would be along for the ride?!

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