Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dancing hands

This morning, as we chugged around the peaceful waters of Pittwater in the sunshine, Noah and I saw a particular waterfall for the first time, above Lovett Bay.

It's been over a year (!) since my Cordage and Basketry workshop. A sunny November Sunday is a good day for a workshop. This time dancing hands... African drumming.

The eyes were as blue as the sky, hands strong - though a bit unsure of themselves. The body seemed to be coming home, the heart happy to have a strong, beating friend. Nothing like finding like-beating friends.

Bass tip open open Bass tip open open Bass--open open Bass--open open

How joyous that sound was. And during the drumming hands, something became clear to me: Seven year life phases - indeed! I'm at the beginning of another seven year phase - hopefully one that includes much drumming (and fabric. And a continuing tea-theme, maybe some snippets of travel - if I'm very fortunate... I do like a little trip).

You know the great thing about relying on a ferry? Sometimes you miss it. And when you do, you just have to wait, for a whole hour, in Sunday afternoon sunshine, sipping hot chocolate, reading a good book while your first-born plays under a jetty.

O I love that only-once-an-hour old ferry.

Happy Sunday!

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