Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

it was a sign

My apologies. Just when life gets colourful and beautiful and full of interesting sites, I can't seem to upload photos to this li'l blog with my new home internet connection. Might have to get the technical team on to it.

In the meantime, more ramblings.

Island life on a Wednesday night. Nick Drake and stewed apples, crushed nuts and coconut milk. In a quiet and warm timber kitchen.

Just some of the signs that this house was waiting, especially for us:
  • there was an eagle high in the sky on our first visit;
  • there was also an eagle high in the sky above me as I waited to hear if it would really be ours;
  • a soaring heart each time I visited;
  • there is a "Barb" living next door;
  • the discussion of communal chooks within our first 5-minutes-over-the-fence chit chat;
  • a lovely "Welcome home" at our first neighbourhood dinner party;
  • we have to step outside to reach our bedrooms (always wanted that);
  • a mulberry tree in the back yard (another place of my heart, Pratale, in Umbria - Italy, had a mulberry tree in the central courtyard);
  • a bouganvillea over the front deck (always wanted one of those);
  • green tiles in the bathroom;
  • the house is blue;
  • and rainbow lorikeets and king parrots come to talk to me, as if they knew I'd be here.

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