Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Thursday, August 5, 2010

another Mama roadtrip

The winter school holidays are the perfect time for a Mama road trip. A trip to enjoy blue, sunny skies (hopefully), and the chance to expand ourselves into some outdoor space that is in stark contrast to our warm, cosy, very small space at home. This time we headed north to the Bellinger river with our much loved cousins: Freya and Jo-Jo, and Mama Marissa (she chose well when she married my cousin).

We borrowed a 7-seater 4WD for the journey, packed some snacks and cd-stories and hit the road, Jack. Only to come back, a few days later with a sicky-sick dribbly bum bug which Pat-from-Sussex Inlet kindly shared with us at the communal house of the Bellingen YHA. Thanks Pat, good sharing. Perhaps next time though, it would be considered socially appropriate to keep your bugs safely to yourself and your own child and let it end there. Just a suggestion.

Anyway, despite that undesired ending, we still enjoyed full Mama-belly laughs, many cups o' tea in winter sunshine, swinging in the untouchable hammocks, learning how to sink a snooker ball - well I need some pointers on that actually. I'm not really qualified to teach Freya and my No-No such tricks when I don't even know whether it's a pool table or a snooker table. I remember enjoying the antics of playing the same sinking game at my grandparents' house (the much-loved Ina and Chick) when I was small. Still haven't learned the rules.

I've now recovered enough to be looking forward to the next Mama road trip which will be in a couple of short months. I strongly recommend finding yourself a strong, beautiful, good-value companion Mama, a few extra kiddles and packing your favourite hat to head in which-ever direction you please. We don't really know what it does for the children (let's hope it gives them happy memories to laugh about with their friends and cousins in years to come), but it does wonders for the rejuvenation of the Mama's soul.

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