Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

summer camping

Where do I start when waxing lyrical about summer camping?? O God, how I love it.

The camping, the night sounds, the sun on our faces, the dirty children, the dirty bums of clothing. We swam in the peaceful Shoalhaven river, we rode bikes, we sat around the camp fire, we made many cups o' tea, Johnno enjoyed re-bonding with his beloved MSR, we sat like super-stars in the back of rather luxurious speed boats, we jumped off said boat to swim, we ate like kings, we jumped off rocks to make a splash, we went to bed late.

With the tents packed away, it has been a crazy few weeks of getting back in to the swing of the new school year, the beginning of pre-school, finding our weekly groove. But we can always go again.

the 2 handfuls: Chooch and Tom

Charlie's seal impersonation

a visitor to Noah's tent
boys do breakfast

Charlie, Tess, Wombat and Noah (with some campsite friends)
How to get Tess to give a real smile for photos: tell her to think of her Dad in his undies.

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