Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Trit-trotting around the big smoke

I've just enjoyed a rare opportunity to be in the city for 2 consecutive days, pondering the art of thinking well. That is, wellness thinking. As opposed to illness thinking. What a treat... to be learning more about one of my strengths whilst being off duty, "alone", unattached, set free! I went to the toilet many times, just because I could.

As I walked down Hunter St, Sydney, by night, I was presented with another thing to ponder: splattered all over the footpath of the dark, mostly empty city street, like raindrops would splatter on a windscreen, were hundreds of blobs of chewing gum. Smooth and flattened. Dark and disgusting. Giving off a little distasteful shimmer in the city night lights.

Why?? Where do they come from? Really... are that many people chewing gum, and spitting it out onto the ground, as they walk the streets? What am I missing? Why don't I chew gum?

Luckily, there were significantly less splatterings as I turned into Pitt Street. This allowed my mind to turn to the fit of my new jeans. Despite their great colour and good shape these jeans have bothered me slightly because they're one size bigger than the last pair (this must mean that jean makers everywhere are making them smaller. This is the only logical explanation). But O - my - god... these jeans feel great! So they surely look great, oder?

You know, it's like a young Texan once said, in the dodgy corridor of a cheap hotel in Florence, Italy, when I was only 18:

"Slim, if the pants don't fit, buy a bigger pair."


  1. I can confirm that the jeans in question look great. See John - I do read the blog (and so does Jules!)

  2. whatever Lenka! - tell Jules to get back in his box.

  3. Johnnie boy i'm waiting for a post about your lack of hot curry eating abilities you big blouse