Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Friday, January 25, 2013

Days on bikes and water

Somedays, sometimes, 
"I am, I am, I am Superman, and I can do anything"
as R.E.M. so aptly sing. Well, I'm sure they do. I can't find that song now that I'm looking for it. Does anyone know which album that is on?

I recently had a day with some of those Super(wo)man moments. I carried 3 bikes in to the boat. Yes, "carried". Hitched 'em up and stepped on into it. They then needed to be off-loaded, along with the children at the Point, after 3 big hearty waves to the Water Police (in their newly decorated swish boat).

My little boys and I then rode along the shore to one of our favourite bayside parks where we played with friends. The ride took about 25 minutes and was mostly flat for my little Chooch, who hasn't mastered the hand-brake on his big bike. Oh how I wish I had a photo of those skinny legs, skinny arms, flat strong back in purple T-shirt, big head in funky helmet - so happily cruising around on his newly acquired yellow BMX. That memory is gold to me.

Children riding free. Such blissful moments. I know I've always loved the freedom I feel on a bike. My home town is very hilly. That didn't deter us though as kids... we just spent more time pushing our 'pushies' than flying down hills on them. But there was a lot of flying too.

After a few hours of sun and water play we rode back and the boys were treated to ice-blocks, hot chips and jumps off the public jetty. Oh yeah... Mama's taking all the points today as holiday Mama extraordinaire! We then brought ourselves back home for a nana-nap before packing a picnic dinner and heading back to the water. Jetty jumps, dogs chasing cockatoos, picnic dinner... today was well and truly a gold star kind of day.

 Blue-tongued lizard in our backyard.

 I am Happy Feet dangling in warm, summer waters.

 Do I look like Superwoman? Who cares! Sometimes I just am.

They really were much happier than they look. Really. It was a gold star day.

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