Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Monday, December 3, 2012

Quite a big day

Sun number one, you know... the sailor, the fisher, the boat skipper, well I've told you about him many times before. He is one cool kid. He has strength and stamina that defies his slight frame and innocent looks. This kid has known me for 9 years (maybe much much longer) and he knows that his mother will not purchase electronic goods for him, for several years to come. Nor will she allow Santa to bring such items for Christmas, or his father or any other relative to provide them (they possibly wouldn't dare). 

Two years ago, Noah's 8 year old cousin received an iPod touch. Other friends already had DS's and also received iPods. Last Christmas, a younger friend arrived on Christmas day with his new iPod touch. So, on the 25th December 2011, Noah quietly resolved to save up his pocket money and buy his own iPod. He already had around $100 so he was well on his way. I hoped it would take a year or 2 so that he would be close to 10 years old before he had enough money for this great purchase.

Last month, the 9 year old's eyes danced and sparkled, while his body wriggled with glee, as he counted $228... indeed enough for an iPod touch.

We could have gone to our local shops, to a Kmart or Office Works, or some other rather unexciting chain and Noah probably could have nabbed a bargain and 'saved' himself some money. But we wanted this longed-for day to be authentic and pure and BIG. The Zimbabwean was quite sure that Noah's first Apple product should come with an 'Apple Experience'. So off we all trotted to the big smoke, to find THE Apple Store on George St, in the centre of Sydney... the journey had several phases: we took our boat to our communal mainland wharf. We then drove for half an hour to the nearest train station, took a train into the city (another half an hour), and then walked those little boys with the big blue eyes through the beauty of the Queen Victoria Building. Some were bouncing in their sneakers more than others (some days are tougher than others for the little 6 year old brother who gets dragged along for these momentous family days).

Finally we made it. All that glass! All that steel finish! The Zimbabwean's eyes were shining as much as his son's. We looked at products for much longer than we needed to (it was difficult to keep the father focused) but eventually the time came for me to unload Noah's cash, direct from his personal piggy bank, onto the counter and have the friendly sales guy graciously accept it and count out $117.85 in coins (the rest in notes) in the middle of that big city store. His name may have been Daniel. Let's say it was. Daniel was cool, calm and collected. He didn't roll his eyes or hesitate. He was completely cool about counting out all those coins. Other Apple store punters were clearly delighted at the scene: two little kids' faces waiting eagerly for the formalities to be over. Just give me the damn iPod already, is what Noah was secretly screaming to himself.

All in good time, my little one. 

Eventually the protective sleeve came off and now Noah is the SO proud owner of an iPod touch (on weekends. I am, afterall, still his mother, and he is still 9. I know. I'm a big fat spoil sport). So far he has spent about $14 on games and app's, and is getting great pleasure out of the ability to take photos and videos. He waits patiently while the Zimbo tries to figure out the best way to share our music libraries (who would have thought that could be so complicated? It seems we have a G5, an iMac, a laptop, 2 iPhones, and iPod shuffle and a family iPod to contend with. And we don't want Noah's iPOd to have access to any credit cards or our complete music library. The whole project is approximately 15 million light years beyond my technological capability.)

I'm so proud of Noah's resolve. He earned his minimal weekend allowance of electronic device time. May it bring him great joys and other benefits which may be beyond my comprehension.

NB. As previously stated, no member of this family is employed or sponsored in any way by Apple. We are just quite big fans and some rabbit on about their gifts to the world more than others. Believe it or not, I do not do the most rabbiting on about that particular topic.

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