Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Thursday, September 13, 2012

"something glorious is about to happen"

Supervise 3rd class house building project
make dinner
revise anthropology lecture notes
anthropology mid semester quiz
job applications
do school run - multiple times
set up kindergarten spring festival
prepare picnic
attend said festival
attend 3rd class festival, class display and picnic
meet friend for dinner
write 2000 word essay on Hurricane Katrina and Cyclone Yasi
attend rugby presentation
prepare birthday celebrations
bake brownies
Celebrate the geburtstags kind!

Does that look like your 'to do' list for the next 3 days? If you are a parent, it probably does. In fact, yours might be worse. Please ignore that list if it will stress you out. I wish I could.

I'm feeling overwhelmed. I'm starting to twitch. I need a drink but I only drink tea, water and chlorophyll... but they're not cutting it. What else is there to do but... find Bloc Party on the iPod, turn it up and DANCE, dance for your life girlfriend! The kids have found the disco ball, turned the lights low, the music up even louder, and put on their "cool boy" party clothes.

"This modern love... breaks me!"

But I'm not broken. I'm dancing. Dancing and flying. Flying by the seat of my pants!

Now, where did I leave my cape?

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