Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

a beautifully easy transition

The 2012 school year has begun. Ahhhhh..... and now I comfortably recline back, relax and let the year travel along as it will.

(Opps... slight speed hump. Banjo has just eaten the face off one of the kid's toy monkeys. O when will they learn?)

Where was I? Ahhh, yes, blissfully reclining into the comfort of the new year. I know I've mentioned it before and I don't mean to harp on (but you know, it's my blog), but Chooch started school last week. I know that you know just how much I LOVE that school. So I'll try to hold myself back on that point (for a minute). I've already had a little rant about that to the Zimbabwean earlier this evening. I didn't look but of course his eyes were rolling. Whatever, Bru.

The point I would like to ramble on about though, is just how lovely this new beginning is for my little Choocha.

As we headed off for school on the first day, the sky was bleak bleak bleak (!) overhead. We sent the Zimbo over to the "mainland" in the boat, while the three of us stayed slightly drier in the ferry. It was pouring! It had been for days. (Well several anyway. As soon as it rains for 3 or 4 days in a row around here, none of us can remember when it was last sunny.) We were all wearing jeans and rain jackets and hats. I think I even had a scarf on. Unthinkable in Sydney in January!

But the weather didn't dampen our spirits that day. We delivered Noah to his class room, greeted his best-teacher-in-the-whole-wide-world, and witnessed the (typically) joyful, boisterous re-unification of Noah's friends. This is the third year that Noah's class has been together, along with their teacher. Some of them have been together for 5 years already, since the first day of preschool, so seeing each other after the long summer break requires many warm embraces.

Chooch already knew his teacher - she was also Noah's Kindergarten teacher and we have all already grown to love her. He already knew the classroom, though not as "his space", and he knew 15 of the 18 children in his class. The life and times of the second child are often so much easier than the first child, in so many ways.

We stood behind a circle of our children. We crossed our hearts and sang the Morning Song, and thus our Choocha was received into the warm heart of Kindy. His blue eyes have shone ever since, and he seems calmer, as if he's landed where he should be. He's loving his new school. And I'm loving him loving it.

And while Noah says that the only thing he likes about school is sport and ringing the bell, I see how his eyes shine there too. You can't fool me on that one, my No-no, even if you won't stand in the photo.

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