Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Friday, October 14, 2011

Springboks v. Samoa

We carried our little springboks all around the city of Auckland. The boys waved their flags and shouted lovingly. The Zimbabwean was on fire - he was loving life. That man loves a Rugby World Cup (this was the third one he's attended).

The air was chilly. There was beer flowing all around us (not a tea in sight!) and there was much good cheer. Those New Zealanders are really a lovely bunch. They have warm souls and are very cheerful, especially when discussing rugby. My little Australian-born Springbok supporters are often confused as to why their friends mostly support the "Wobblies" (Choochie's word, not mine) - this was the first time in their young lives that they have had the company of so many fellow Bokke fans... what a treat. They only wished they had the South African flag painted on their faces (there are only so many things an Australian mama will think of).

What a treat, indeed. I hope our boys remember this occasion: their first World Cup, with their Dad (and Mama, but I don't count when it comes to this game... as you can see in the above snaps, Mama was really there to bring the coats, in case anyone was cold), and in another country to boot. The Zimbo and I felt most solemnly grateful for being able to make that happen.

Unfortunately, the Bok's World Cup 2011 dreams are over. My poor Zimbabwean. He was a sad man last Saturday. Even a Nandos dinner didn't really lift his mood.

I don't really mind who wins: that's just the kind of girl I am when it comes to sport. I mean, Wales - well if the Welsh were to win the world cup, imagine their jubilation! Seriously, imagine it! That would make me smile. France... hmmm, I'm not really hoping for France to win but I could imagine it making 62 million French people pretty happy so that can't be bad. The Wobblies - now don't get me wrong, I was born in the great southern land, I enjoy living with all the sunshine, freedom, liberties and services that exist here. There are plenty of things I like about it, however, drunken, bragging sportsmen (as a breed) is not one of them. And I'm "global-child" enough to not care if I upset the odd Aussie bloke with that opinion. No, really, my hopes are with the All Blacks. They could do with the morale boost and it would make them so proud. And as much as the Z supports his Bokke, he won't be disappointed with an All Black victory either. That's one of the things I love about him.

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