Lazuli Green Island Mama

Lazuli Green Island Mama

Saturday, March 20, 2010

There she goes

O March, you are slipping away from me. I haven't forgotten you. I send you many private blessings and much hearty gratitude for all that you are:
...the first cooling of the air (so welcome)
...the return of a blankie to my bed,
...a nice long month to settle in to,
...a string of surprisingly hot days to remind us to swim swim swim - go! Dive in to that glistening water and enjoy it's delicious cleansing because we're on the way to deeper Autumn and then Winter and we'll then be having a little reprieve from swimming,
...clear blue skies,
...nights of yoga when one can sleep to yoga nidra under a blanket (but not me. Enlightened one. I don't sleep to yoga nidra. Officially.),
...the month of preparation for Harvest festivals which will celebrate all the bounty of the harvest, our gratitude, our gifts, before turning in for the introspective season,
...and the approaching, much anticipated, holiday.

I'm checking out of here for a couple of weeks due to the arrival of a sicky sicky spew bug to our family, the need to recuperate, and the o so clear need to pack for a holiday.

So March, blessed be.

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